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Navy you are


  • You’re down with the team. You’ll do whatever it takes.
  • You’re into mellow. You like it when you have time to sort things out and figure out the best way to get it done.
  • You want to taste it, touch it, see it and experience it all. Now.
  • You have a brain and you use it. You read books without pictures in them. You want to go to school, get ahead and do it right.
  • You like being part of the crew. Your friends, your family, your people, you win, you lose — together.
  • You’re on point, anticipating anything that could happen. You’re a planner — you’ll never be caught off guard.
  • No surprises. That’s what you’re about. You like knowing ahead of time what’s going to happen and what’s expected of you.
  • The people you work with are more than the people you work with — they’re your family.
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