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What is Back-to-School Season?

Parents stocking up on school supplies.

How times have changed. Today it’s all about superlight laptops, personal digital assistants and MP3 players. Passing notes has become passé: Now kids beam text messages from PDAs and cell phones. If something is an absolutely-positively-must-have back-to-school item, chances are it requires batteries — and isn’t cheap.

There is a key shopping shift this year: Having the right electronics gear is more important than wearing the hippest pair of jeans, says Cohen. Kids are convincing their folks that they need that pink mini iPod, not to mention a PDA and a laptop, he says. Students‘ appetites for the latest gadgets isn’t lost on consumer electronics retailers such as Best Buy (BBY) — or, for that matter, Apple Computer (AAPL), maker of this season’s must-have iPod.

So this year there will be great business in electronics and fashion.

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