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How to Log POP, IMAP and SMTP Traffic in Mozilla Thunderbird

Logging is for the industrious developer alone — and for the curious user, of course. In addition to finding out what’s going on behind the scenes of email exchanges in Mozilla Thunderbird yourself (especially if that which is going on is not going right), you can help those helping you with problems enormously if you’re able to send them a log of what’s happening when you try to send or receive mail. Mehr…

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Remove Duplicate Messages

28. Dezember 2006 Keine Kommentare

If you have duplicate messages (e.g. from merging folders or downloading messages several times) you can use this tool to find and remove them from the selected folder and its subfolder by rightclicking on a folder and choosing „Remove Duplicate Messages“.

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Mail Redirect

26. Oktober 2006 Keine Kommentare

The mailredirect extension for Mozilla Thunderbird (version 0.7 and above) and Mozilla Mail client adds ability to redirect one or more mails to one or more recipients.
Feature of mail redirecting is also known as bouncing.

Who wants this extension?

In office environment there is sometimes a need to forward email with original headers to somebody else. If forward or edit as new command is used, headers are very different comparing to original message (other From, Message-Id, Date fields). If you use Mailredirect Extension headers are not changed, so recipient of redirected mail has almost original message. In practice all important headers in redirected message are identical to original one (From, CC, Message-Id, Date).

This extension is very usefull to send emails unmodified to an spam filter, so it can learn.

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