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Messages logging:
You can ask l2drop to log all messages in a text readable format
to activate message logging add the -l switch on the command line.
Thus you’ll have to run: l2drop -l
If you do this, It will generate a file named L2WH_Messages.txt that contains all messages logged .

You also can specify a logging pattern with the -p switch
if you do so, only messages that contain the pattern will be logged
thus : l2drop -l -p wts will only log messages that contain the string WTS (pattern is not case sensitive) .

You can also filter on channel basis, with the -c switch.
The format is a list of channel separated by a comma.
The channels are defined as follow:

0 = Say Channel
1 = Shout Channel
2 = Private Message Channel
3 = Party Channel
4 = Clan Channel
8 = Trade Channel
9 = Alliance Channel
10 = Warning Channel

This if you want to log only messages from Ally,clannies and private messages you can type: l2drop -l -c 2,4,9

Of course, it can also be combined with -p for message filtering, l2drop -l -p dasparion -c 1,8 will log only messages that contains dasparion and comes from Shout and Trade channels.

If you don’t specify the -c switch, all channels are logged by default.

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