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Valid YouTube Code

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<param name="movie" value="" />

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Extract Audio from MP4 Video Files

[youtube w8iEJ0if0iE]

High Quality (funktioniert nicht mehr!)


High Definition (funktioniert nicht mehr!)


Extract Audio

mplayer -quiet video.mp4 -ao pcm:fast:file=output.wav -vc dummy -vo null -channels 2 -ss 0:00 -endpos 5:00


Bitte die Pfade anpassen und als .cmd oder .bat Datei abspeichern.

@echo off
set str=%~f1
set str=%str:~0,-4%
mplayer.exe "%~f1" -vc null -vo null -ao pcm:fast
lame.exe -V 2 audiodump.wav "%str%.mp3
del audiodump.wav
mplayer.exe "%str%.mp3"

Chi Mai / Le Professionnel

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Firefox or Internet Explorer?

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Chinese Gold Farmers Preview

The documentary investigates gaming workshops in China that hire people to play online games like World of Warcraft and lineage. The gaming workers play at least 12 hours a day to produce in-game currency, equipments and whole characters, which are sold to American players.

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